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Ludovic Vignals

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  • Thanks Mike for clarifying this for me. I tested the current consumption and here is what I found, there is between 0.2A and 0.35A of current consumed when in motion but the consumption interestingly jumps to 0.520A when at still. I did a quick test to validate my theory and it seems that if I constrain the Amps directed to the motor then the holding torque lowers and it becomes easier to rotate the shaft by hand despite the applied current. Doesn't that mean this Stepper should be rated 0.52A rather than 0.33A if it draws 0.52A to maintain a still position at full torque or does it mean that Amps should be electronically constrained to 0.33A to limit heat and avoid shorten life? I got to say as part of my discovery of that I am pretty pleased by the strength and accuracy of this little motor. The only down side is that there are no details on wiring polarity and actual wires on the motor which forced me to try quite a few configurations before it worked with the IC driver. A better doc/datasheet could have saved me a couple hours during my last weekend.

  • Hi! I have a 12V and 1.5 amp power supply for two of those steppers. Since they are rated 0.33 amp, I was thinking having a 3 way current divider circuit to route manage the power supply, routing .35 amp to each stepper motor and the remaining .8 amp to additional circuit to either use and/or transduce into heat. Is there a clever way to manage the difference in power supply and stepper amp rating? Assuming I cannot replace the power supply with a smaller one more adapted to the 2 steppers. And second question, how does the amp consumption will evolve with speed variation? 0.33A on 12V at what speed?

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