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  • Why run a large power trace from the regulator to the atmega only to shrink it at the cap and the run a 8 or 10 mill trace to the chip? While the current design is cheaper and it works, maybe going with an actual RS232 transceiver for the serial port may be more ideal. For the two adjustable voltage regulators, why not make them adjustable on the fly using a DAC or something so the voltage can be adjusted to any value you like for testing drown out or even boards with voltages lower than 3.3 volts. I wouldn't expose the back of those mosfets like that to the caps who are metal, if the touch the caps and then the caps are shorted (the user didn't realize they were touching) something can go boom. why is a screw resting on what appears to be the MISO line of the ISP header and probably shorting it to the the VIA? If you are creating a testbed that will be checking oscillator outputs on the target system the 16MHz resonator (+-10-20%) on the board may not be accurate enough you need to add a Crystal or something that has as close to dead on accuracy as possible. Why are some of those decoupling capacitors so far from the pins they are decoupling? getting them as close as possible would be ideal. Whats going on with that reset switch? why are so many traces ran directly underneath it? Those solder bridges on the power supply section, change them to jumpers. The serial com doesn't have a pin-out, will the wires being used always have green on one side and black on the other? what of someone has to repair or make a new cable how do they know what actually connects to what? If you are not going with a SMPS then a power management IC which can provide multiple voltage rails and a lot of current through each output could be better as it would take up less space and be more efficient in power consumption and voltage management than the current design (for example, you can turn off the outputs until when you need them or only turn on the one you want etc. Whats the rating for the PTC? It seems too small for all the current that that board will be drawing from the wall wart.each of the adjustable regulators are rated at about 0.8A plus the 150mA LDO and anything else that draws current, hopefully its rated at 4 to 5A or so (which i know its not lol) once those regulators start operating at their max if required, that fuse is gonna trip.

  • It seems that the watchdog time may be on and causing a timeout.

  • The patent system is not only for our kind of "tech" it covers many systems from many bodies of knowledge. It is important that we remember that. We cannot just focus on the speed at which "tech" evolves.

    A car manufacturer sometimes change the shape and tech in their vehicles ever "such" years, like BMW who mostly does like seven years or so, because it takes a lot to create a new model. they need to recoup those investments over a period, which may indeed take longer than 7 years, so a specific tech may find its may in successive models because its not financially feasible to redesign the tech after 7 years.

    It is also the same for other organizations that develop items we use on a daily basis. A Lot of the investment that is poured into R&D is base don loans, sometimes with high interest rates because the loaner does not necessarily have quantitative evidence of your product's future performance so the investment in you "the developer" is a risk. The revenues to cover those repayments have to be recouped.

    for organizations that are not seasoned and do not have a wealth of experience behind them have to invest heavily in talent to have their systems developed and even more to have them brought to market.

    With the competitive forces within the market place at play and the slow dissolving geographical boundaries competition is being presented on many different fronts. this makes it even more difficult for an organization to make steady profits as you wont have all the customers or the right products. this means it takes much longer for company "x" to make a profit of "y" and they have to work much harder and longer. With the suggested 1 or 3 years, it may be insufficient for them to see a profit.

    The next issues is that innovation does not only come from large corporations, single individuals and small "momma" and "poppa" companies innovate too and their situation begs for the 20 years.

    The issue of the renewal fees follows the same pattern, patents were not just created for large "top-heavy" organizations who "poop" and "pee" money like google. yes they do lobby a lot, but what happens if you, or I apply for a patent?

    I may want to bring a product to market, which may cost me 500K or a million to do so, plus the ancillary fees and legal stuff which are all additional cost, and the loan interest payments. Now i apply for a patent, that's another 30k (a loan you say?). How long will that take me to recoup? what should my maintenance fee be? 10K every few years, which eats into any profit i make after those huge bill i racked up trying to push that product to market are paid.

    My point, the patent system and the associated maintenance fees were not devised simply for large organizations, they are the way they are so they may also apply to the small person.

    I believe there could be tiers to the maintenance fees which looks at your gross income and does a calculation based on that, providing a reasonably low cost for the small individual and a more appropriate ("whatever that is") cost for larger organizations.

    as for the term length, the 20 years is just fine. If what a man develops is so important that it can slow the progress of the species should it not be disclosed, he deserves to make a buck or two from it.

    Imagine if you are a software developer, who uses licenses to lock your products (that's your bread and butter) and you are told that after 5 years, or even 10, your system (even your patented license or encryption scheme) has to be release to the public, would you want to innovate?

  • I know it is said that this is a gamble, but can someone tell me why 8 out of every 10 of these i order is the SAME board....a GPS thingamajig.....its like the ding and dents sales is their way of getting rid of these things....

    GPS is great, but after i reach like 25 boards its starting to get ridiculous.

  • Absolutely wonderful. I have been using sparkfun libraries for the better part of 10 years. Remeber the early days, early libraries? I still have those files. Before eagle went to xml. Anyways, enough nostalgia and smiling. I know these libraries will be beneficial to many. Again, thanks sparkfun. I know many people will find this VERY useful.

  • the prices under the "Tool & Part Sale Prices" section may be incorrect (e.g. shapeoko : might be one of the the 10 percent ones) and the hyperlinks are not re-directing to the correct products.

  • Too expensive..

  • OK great, thanks much. People would really like to be able to see this because by just looking at the product, you wouldn't be able to tell.

  • I had posted a comment on the product post, but i have to ask here, since this page seems to be getting more attention. Can someone correct me if i am wrong please but, does this product actually hide the PI away inside and blocks your access to the USB and Ethernet ports? I can't imagine how any sane engineer (tinkerer) would do something like that. Maybe there is something i am not seeing. A laptop with no ports...mmmmmmmm.......

  • I laughed when i saw this thing being put together. So, please correct me if i am wrong (i reeeeeeaaaaalllllly hope i am), you don't get access to the PI's USB or Ethernet ports. Why i said, cause i saw them being locked away in the shell and they are too far offset from the edge to make any practical sense.

    Who ever made that should probably consider moving to making action figures...

    Am sorry if it sounds harsh, but seriously, making this the way it was made, tucking all the goodness of the PI inside and "LOCKING" it ways.....nope, not kool at all...

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