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I’m addicted to adrenaline. I race skateboards downhill on the international circuit (IGSA) as well as all the local events, but I love all types of skateboarding. Board sports of all kinds are my jam, but growing up with two EE parents who always encouraged my interest in building and fixing (but more often breaking) all sorts of things, including electronics. I’m about to graduate from the University of Portland with an EE degree, and I’ve recently gotten into microcontrollers through quadcopters and have been taking a stab at designing my own circuits (albeit basic still). I’m also working with controlling roombas (the small vacuums that drive around on their own) in a class at my university, which is teaching me even more about microcontrollers! I’m getting quite stoked on the possibilities and can’t wait to see where it all takes me. I’ve also been playing bass guitar for about 12 years now, I love it for the creative outlet and it’s a great way to clear my head.

Programming Languages

Java, C, Arduino


University of Portland


Electrical Engineering


Skateboarding, snowboarding, quad/hex/octocopters, microcontrollers, bass guitar,


pdxdownhill.com, http://teaching.up.edu/srdesign/AY12/FireInTheSky/Welcome.html

  • Tammie’s Hobbies, Beaverton, Oregon! Love that place, they have very helpful employees who go way out of their way to make their customers happy. I bought a LiPo charger from them that went bad two months later, they replaced it and never even asked to see my receipt! I had it with me of course but their service has always impressed me. They have a wide selection of RC helis, planes, and cars, as well as model trains and the lot. Not a whole lot of what SparkFun sells there but I wouldn’t mind seeing it, that’s for sure!