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  • While not strictly an OpenLog question, it does apply to my OpenLog file.

    I logged data from a few different sensors during a balloon flight. Log file looks chunks look like this:

    Time: 0:1:55.Date: 0/14/204 Fix: 1 quality: 2 Location: 745.1949N, 8851.7187W Speed (knots): 21.07 Angle: 12.39 Altitude: 9213.40 Satellites: 8 accelerations are x, y, z: 306 326 367 External Temperature: -28.9200000762C / -19.4080009460F. Humidity: 15.14% Temperature: 6.40 *C Pressure: 35965 Pa Altitude: 7930.44 meters Real altitude: 7948.06 meters

    Log file contains a ton of these entries. How can I parse this information in to a spreadsheet for graphing? I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get everything into columns and formatted to be useable. I didn't think of this beforehand, or I would have altered the Arduino script to write it as a csv.


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