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  • Nice! I actually (over) built a similar thing, using 3W 365nm UV LEDs (4 of em) and a SparkFun FemtoBuck driver (plus an ATTiny for timing and frivolous fade-in and fade-out effects). Not as bargain bin (probably about $20 in materials), and possibly WAY too powerful, but fun nonetheless. I have the timer set for 45 seconds, and it works perfectly with Gelish and Hard Nails polishes (though it doesn't work as well on some of the cheaper brands I've tried, sadly)

  • Nope! Effect, when used as a verb, means to bring about. In the Decl. of Ind., it means that we should organize our powers in such a way as to bring about the safety and happiness of our citizenry. It has the same meaning today, and while it is less used, it is not antiquated.

    Of course, the original post needed the noun version of effect, meaning an actual change, as opposed to "affect" as a noun, which means demeanor. As opposed to "affect" as a verb, which means to have an effect on...

    Anyway, please pardon me. I'm grading papers right now, so I'm in full-on pedant mode.

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