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    ~pulls horn down~ ~watches eyeballs spin~ ~Mouth opens & belly rumbles~ Drat, these things are money hungry.

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    Kids, you ever wonder why you don't put umbrellas up in a Thunderstorm? Well, this is kind of the same - but last time I used an umbrella I got the shock of my life.

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    Right lads, pick me up and throw me at that target!

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    No, not that target. (extracting horn from unfortunate co-worker's stomach.)

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    Are you sure this is supposed to improve my WiFi connection?

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    ~plucks horn off helmet~ "Hello, Sparkfun Engineering Dept?"

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    You know those things they put on Car Aerials? This is the same. But for humans.

  • Entry 1 Not only do Sparkfun approve of Open Source Electronics, they are now setting the ground for Free Range electronics.

    Entry 2 The matrix cow from Kung Pow has been busy demonstrating how bullet time works and is seen here preparing the rig for the cameras with some of the SparkFun crew.

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