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  • Here is a link to where all the MSDS are for the products mentioned from MG Chemicals:

    Search by part number: “841 liquid” is the nickel paint “8331…” is the silver epoxy. There is part A and part B 8420 is the silver pen

    My comment about open windows and fan is adequate for hobbyists who use it sparingly. If at a production level type of exposure (8 hours a day), proper organic vapor masks (any safety supply store will have) and proper ventilation are required. Details in MSDS.

  • Just read some comments about the safety issue of these products. It is not something you want to sniff–like paint thinner or even fumes from soldering for that matter. All you need to safely work with these products is a ventilated room (window open and fan blowing fume away from you). The Conductive Epoxy is a non solvent based product so very safe to work with.

  • There is a Nickel based conductive paint that has a resistance of less than 1.0 This might work better because of the lower resistance.

    Here’s a Silver Conductive Pen that was mentioned that can be used to draw out traces to create a working circuit, (0.2 ohm)

    Silver Conductive Epoxy as well for use as cold soldering in places where heat from a solder iron will damage your circuit, (0.2 ohm)

    I work at MG Chemicals (we manufacture the above products) and a big fan of Sparkfun. Leave a few comments for the Sparkfun team if you want them to distribute these products :) Thanks!

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