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  • What the heck am I doing wrong.

    I can’t get phone connect to the ioio-board. When I’m connecting the usb-cable to the phone and ioio-board, the phone starts to charge and the usb debugging icon appears but still will the app “Hello IOIO Power” be waiting to get connection…

    The odd thing is, that the green led doesn’t flash when the USB-cable is connected between the phone and IOIO. But if I unmark “USB Debugging” under Settings/Application/Development on the phone. Then the green led is flashing on connection…

    Earlier I had Android 2.3.3 and then there was no connection att all. Now I have rooted the phone and using 2.2.1. What kind of firmware on the ioio am I using am i unabled to determine. But I ordered it couple of weeks a go and recived it here in sweden just a few days before christmas, if that is for any help for you!

    Please, someone! Help me! =)

    //The Swede

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