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  • I ordered this one as my second 7Segment. Before i ordered yellow one which is fine, but i wanted white. But i am very disapointed with brightness, it is so weak so You cant see it on sunlight as i can see it on yellow one. Brightness is set to 250, so this is not the case.

    Anyway, i am satisfied, easy to use display, works like charm, small size which i need as a clock. Dusan

  • Solder it from the bottom as i did :) No problem

  • Hello,

    i have replaced the 328P, so now i am using "blank" 328P which i wanna "fill" with firmware. Via Atmel Studio i uploaded optiboot bootloader "optiboot_atmega328,hex".

    I also have USB2SERIAL adapter from Arduino "http://arduino.cc/en/Main/USBSerial" and this way i am trying to upload firmware sketch from Arduino.

  • Hello friends. I have managed to destroy the 328P on my Sparkfun board applying 24V to it by using ACS712 Ampere meter from china. Since that time, display was dead. I resoldered the Atmega328P to the board and tried to burn bootloader via arduino. I downloaded Serial7SegmentDisplay-master, placed it into my sketch folder, also modified the "boards.txt" file to have the display listed. Then i tried to upload bootloader via Atmelstudio and AVRisp mkII (i have used the file mentioned in "boards.txt"), programming and verifiing went fine, but display still does not respond to i2c messages i have used until i destroyed it. Then i made my Uno ISP programmer and i have choosen it in programmers and tried to burn bootloader. Here i got this message: avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature. Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check. And now i dont know what next :)))) MISO and MOSI are correct.

    I am using Arduino 1.0.5 on Windows 7 x64 The 328P is brand new, and i have used SMD rework station to unsolder the broken one and solder this new one.

    Thank You very much. Dusan

  • Thanks Mike,

    understood. interesting thing is that if i have both on board and simulating sending data via UART tool of PIC kit, i can clearly see all the data comming from receiver. Even if i leave them for minutes inactive :)

  • Hello Dean,

    i found Your reply interesting! So even there is lot written about this, i have some questions.

    to point 1: do i understand it right that if i leave transmitter powered the receiver acts noisy?

    I ordered this pair (in europe it is easier to get these)

    http://www.sos.sk/a_info/resource/c/RX-4MM5%28650200821_sf%29.pdf http://www.sos.sk/a_info/resource/c/pdf/tx4msil.pdf

    and as You mentioned, the receiver just sends random bytes. Interesting is that if i connect on breadboard the transmiter and receiver and power them up, there is no random data from receiver.

    So what do You suggest to do? Should i turn off the transmitter completely and power it up only during communication? My aplication will not use this communication often but when it will be necessary, i need reliable data. i am running USART at 1200bps and my "telegram" looks like: AAh (start) 85h (address) xxh xxh xxh (data three times) 58h (check)


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