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  • Is there another run of these planned, or are they gone for good? I just discovered this and would love to get one!

  • I was able to figure out what was going wrong. Apparently my device has a different VID/PID than what the .inf file specified, so I had to add a line to the appropriate area in the .inf file.

    I added this line: %DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_1B4F&PID_0003&MI_00

    It goes in the 'Device List' section of the file, and I placed it under both the normal and x64 sections.

    After that, everything worked, the driver installed, and I was able to successfully upload the 'blink' sketch and it is currently blinking on my desk!

    Hope that helps someone!

  • Go into the device manager (Right click 'My Computer', go to 'Manage', and its in the left hand pane) and there should be an entry with a little yellow exclamation mark next to it named for the promicro device. Right click the entry, go to 'Update Driver' and from there is should be self explanatory.

  • I cannot for the life of me get this working on Win7 x64. When I plug the device in, it enumerates first as a bootloader device, for which I can install the supplied driver (I do have the correct one for the 3.3V version). However, after it installs, it re-enumerates as the Sparkfun proMicro33, for which I -cannot- install the supplied driver. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device a few times, as well as re-downloading the driver, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

  • Excellent, thanks!

  • Any idea when these will be back in stock?

  • After 2 hours of constant mashing of F5 and yelling at the login screen, I finally decided to reset my password and log in again, and it worked! Got $30 just before the entire sum was given away.
    Thanks guys, this was much improved from last year...I couldn't even see the site before it was over last time. Keep up the good work!

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