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  • Has SparkFun considered releasing this in any of the following forms: With the thing that sticks out going out 180 degrees around; with the attachments as through-holes within the normal block area and not sticking out; or consolidated with another block like the base block or the SD card block? The reason I ask is that I'm trying to make a gadget (see below, if you're interested) that needs to go into a case. Ideally the user (aka, my wife) will be able plug into the USB OTG and remove the SD card from outside the case. However, that's not possible since the GPIO header sticks out over those ports and thus can't be in the case. I'd do the Eagle layout and have a board spun myself, but, honestly, there's no way I can solder that Edison connector.

    (The gadget in question is going to pretend to be a Canon GPS unit and talk to her camera as well as do NFC or RFID to log who was taking pictures at any given time. Eventually, I'd like to interface libgphoto from the Edison to the camera over USB among other things.)

  • "I find your lack of faith in the New Product Video disturbing".

  • A Cylon construction-bot is shown here preparing the billboard's face.

  • Next on Discovery: The Mythbusters Deadliest Catch Special!

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