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  • Is it over or will it be released intermittently as written? Just want to be sure before I start refreshing for the next 6 hours.


  • "Becoming one with Actobotics"

  • "Jake is a head turner at parties..."

  • Hello, If I wanted to connect 2 110mAh batteries in parallel to get 220mAh, I would require a 10K resistor instead of the 2K correct? In the datasheet, there isn't a rating for 220mAh. The max with a 10K is 110mAh. And the min. with a 2K is 450mAh. Would this still fully charge my batteries? Also, I can connect the micro usb straight to my laptop correct? My phone charger also accepts a usb, could I connect the micro end to this board and the other end into my phone charger and simply plug it in without it destroying anything?

    Thank you, Matt

  • Wonderful! Thank you!

  • Wonderful! What if I wanted to use the arduino pro mini to control two dc motors... If I used the Arduino board to program the mini, I no longer would need the Arduino board and just use the mini without additional components correct? Or not?

    Thank you so much for your help by the way!

  • I'm very new to programming and the Arduino, but I have a question regarding this. After programming this IC, do you still need to use the arduino? Does it still have to be connected or could you disconnect it and run it on its own with the programming installed. Is this the same with anything you do with the Arduino?

    Thank you!

  • Well, I've read a comment on here that says this wont ignite a gas. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone tested this? I would like to try to ignite butane. Would that be possible?

    Thanks, Matt

  • Thank you Sir :)

  • Does anyone know what the diameter of of the spark gap module is?

    Thanks Matt

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