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  • Excellent article! Never thought about using sticky tack to hold down wires.

  • Kirk Benell (spelling)?

  • I'm trying to use this board with Microsoft/SparkFun's makecode: https://makecode.sparkfun.com/ When I download the code from the website, it says "Press the reset button once on the SAMD21. Move the .uf2 file to the ARDUINO-M0 drive to transfer your code...". I don't see any ARDUINO-M0 drive, either in the Finder, or in /Volumes. The USB port does show up in /dev/tty.usbmodem1411, but copying the file to there does nothing. Any advice?

  • It weighs 6.6 oz (185 g).

  • I just used this to power a Raspberry Pi with the PiCamera for a high-altitude balloon experiment. The battery easily lasted for the 4 hours it took to recover the payload, with about 3/4 charge remaining.

  • Cubicle dweller, circa 2020. Seen in his native habitat, surrounded by fetish objects, this individual is attempting to communicate with one of his technology gods, perhaps the Great SporkPhun himself.

  • Is it possible to use an FTDI Basic breakout board to reprogram the LilyTiny? I've been trying to match up the pins from the FTDI to the LilyTiny. So far I have:

    • 5V to Lily +

    • GND to Lily -

    • CTS to Lily hole #2 (pin 7 SCK)

    • TXD to Lily hole #0 (pin 5 MOSI)

    • RXI to Lily hole #1 (pin 6 MISO)

    • DTR to Lily pin 1 RESET

    I'm just a bit nervous about trying it out, in case I'm missing something. Any thoughts?

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