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  • damn that didn't quite post like i wanted it to now did it

  • here's my working code! got it working with the Arduino Mega. i didn't use print, should be Serial.write i believe. and use ('t') instead of p.

    int outPin = 1; // output on digital pin 1 int outPin1 = 18; int outPin2 = 16; const int piezoPin = A0; // piezo connected to analog pin 0 const int threshold = 300; int valueP = 0; //int buttonState = 0;

    void setup() { pinMode(outPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(outPin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(outPin2, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(38400); Serial1.begin(38400); Serial2.begin(38400); } void loop() { valueP = analogRead(piezoPin); delay (1000);

    if (valueP < threshold) { Serial.write('t');
    Serial.write(1); Serial1.write('t');
    Serial1.write(1); Serial2.write('t');

    delay (30000);


    else if (valueP > threshold) { Serial.write('t'); Serial.write(2); Serial1.write('t');
    Serial1.write(2); Serial2.write('t');

    } Serial.println(valueP);


  • great i'll take that into consideration! i think i was just worried because i thought i saw something about if you don't have a buffer between the RCA and the powered monitor, the actual chip on the mp3 trigger can be harmed somehow. do you know what's up with my power problem? those things should have turned on with the switch set to EXT and a 9.6 V adapter goin in!

  • wow thank you soo much for replying! i have a friend who recommended using the arduino mega, so i'm gonna go and pick that up from him today. i really have no clue why you can't chain the mp3 triggers. i'm splitting the RCA cable and just running each in put into two separate powered monitors so hopefully it works! i really appreciate you trying this out. i'll let you know how the mega handles it (it has 3 serial outs) sweeet.

  • hey guys, please help me out! i have (3) MP3 triggers here. i've hooked one up to arduino duemilanove and have it triggering 2 tracks via serial. all good. i'm wondering about (2) things:

    1. how do i trigger the other 2 mp3 triggers to do the exact same thing? I have them hooked up via the TX to RX inputs from one another (daisy-chain style i guess you could say?) and everything is running off USB power from the computer. I'm thinking that it's not enough power? I tried plugging 2 of them in by AC->DC wall wart (9.6V) and the things didn't even turn on when i switched them to EXT power.

    2. i'm planning on splitting apart the RCA outs and running each end to its own powered monitor. is this going to cause me problems???

    please post up, i have a huge crit for my thesis project on wednesday and this is the core of it!



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