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    • Can I connect the VCC BED output to Vin pin to power up my Arduino board? Is 85mA enough to keep my Arduino working?


    • If I'm using a jack power supply to run my Arduino, Can I use the Vin pin to power up the BED (M+)? Should I use a decoupling capacitor?

    Which choice is better?

    Thanks folks

  • Hello folks,

    I've been playing with a stepper motor and the easydriver shield for only one reason so far: I'm able to stop the motor and keep it energized. (I mean, not moving but it still has the torque to keep tied something)

    I'm thinking of start playing with Dc Motors and this Motor Driver TB6612FNG. My question is: Is it possible to stop the motor and at the same time keep it energized? (not moving at all)


    **** Maybe I need a worm gearbox motor, right?

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