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  • Nice product. I can see lots of places I could use it.

    A couple of questions about the design. I noticed 2 22uF caps on the output. Is this because 22uF was deemed not sufficient? And by using 3 22uF caps you get a better volume discount than on 1 22uF and 1 47uF?

    Also, what is the purpose of the 2 schottky diodes on the output? I get why one (to chain chargers) but why 2?

  • How does this differ from product 12775? It would be good let people know why it's worth the extra $5/

  • The problem with recycling stuff like blister pack material is that the mold marks, creases and so on don't really come out so they show up in the final product. Painted material (like cheap signs) is another loser - the paint makes for stretch marks. Virgin material isn't that expensive and worth buying to get great results.

    I did have good luck cutting up a 2L soda bottle for the straight sides. It would work fine in small former like Nick's.

  • When I was 12 I got my mom to order chemicals for me. Potassium Perclorate, for example. Came in the mail. Was this a great country or what? I made some really great explosives with it. Lucky to have survived childhood!

  • Mostly HIPS. I bought some online for fairly cheap. I also tried ABS which makes for a much stronger product but takes a more heating. Haven't tried acrylic yet though it does have some interesting advantages. I've been thinking about building a larger unit to build costume armor (think SW storm trooper stuff). The various plans out there all seem to have flaws so I'm kind of on my own (where I like to be anwyay...).

  • Aren't particle collection points where the wave reflections cancel? basically, standing wave patterns? That's why the circular plate had round nodal patterns. A multi driver configuration might be a great way to create more complex patterns

  • VF is really easy to do. That's a nice simple demo. I have to take exception to the use of "on the cheap" here, though. It's cheap if you already have a laser cutter, SMD rework station and a microrax kit. If not, it's kind of pricey. I built a much larger VF unit (12"x12") for about $15. Shop vac that i already had plus a vacuum hose fitting. My base is made of scrap MDF, frame from scrap 1x2 wood and gasket is left over weather stripping. I use a thrift store tabletop fryer for the heat source and chicken wire for the bed. There are lots of web sites showing how to do it with lots of great ideas. Sky's the limit.

    One other point, I think you will find that size to be way confining. My 12x12 unit is good for items up 8" or so. I like to have a couple inch border. Especially if your mold is more than an inch high.

  • First off, it is a bad thing when they are spending energy fighting with you guys. They should be focused on broadening the reach of OSHW.

    While the logos may have some similarities, the cogs on the oshwa logo make it very clear it's not the same. Would a reasonable person be confused? Not at all. Are they sending d*ckhead letters to the Inifinti people - their logo seems closer than yours does. Though, I think their's is a better logo because it will look clearer at small sizes.

    It's not clear to me what they are asking for. Do they want you to change your logo? Or are they just protecting theirs? I would suggest your group focus most energy on things other than a logo fight. If you can, just "take a license" and leave your logo alone, they are protected.

    Eventually you will probably change your logo anyway so I wouldn't put a lot of effort into it now.

  • That is a 10X better solution. Another approach is to cut a thin plastic shim and insert it under the battery. Not as elegant but a lot quicker to do. If you get a new caliper, you could just save the shim that comes with it. Kind of annoying that the designers got lazy.

  • Lots of people overclock the 32u4. It's quite stable at room temp. I've seen conjecture that it doesn't have the same temp range at 16mhz/3.3V. My 2 3.3V teensys have been rock steady. I wouldn't ship a product based on it though.

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