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  • What is this? A psycological experiment or something? Be careful, some people may take this seriously! Or at least that's what it seems if you read some of the comments!

  • I miss an important data in the datasheet.
    What is the self discharge current at room temperature?
    If this is low enough as to keep the charge for a few weeks this can be a good substitute for the TV/TDT/DVD remote controls, alarm clocks, low power toys, and hundreds of 2 AA or 2 AAA battery operated home appliances.
    I'm tired of buying and trashing NiMH batteries. They have a high self discharge and their performance degrades in a few months.
    Can you imagine having one of these in your remote and charging it by connecting it to a stabilized 2.5-2.7V, 500mA wall transformer for just one minute?

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