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  • why dont you put your stuff on youtube- especially for SF specific equipment (danger board)- people will be 'forced' to buy it; and people can learn along at home- and at their own pace- which would be sweeet!!

    On another note- anyone near CT (greater waterbury) that is in a hackspace or something??

  • ahh yes free online classes would be most beneficial- upload to you tube or something (especially with spark fun exclusive products) and people will flock to the site and order the cool warez (myself included)

  • I just bought one of these and am a relative n00b with this stuff and would really like a class on it. It would be sweet if you guys posted this class online :D

  • gg

  • yeah i had a flower as something i had to type- wth???? haha i gave up after about 2 hours- not worth it

  • at 2501F you are going to need a very very expensive thermocouple- a type R/B to get those very high temps-

    the thermocouple needs to be the only thing exposed-after you use it you can slide it in a little further and it will maintain its accuracy

  • yeah just use the thermocouple- the mfg has specific requirements it has to meet (EMF- eletro-motive force) (k cant vary more than .089mv from 200-500F)there are 32 mv/degree

    if you are super concerned- look for a special limits sensor- it will cost a bit more but it is only allowed .044mv from 200-500

  • yeah sorry i made a general post- look below!

  • You can submerge type K- it is Nickle-Chromel (positive) and Nickle-Alumel (negative) Type T, J you might not want wet- especially J (Iron/ Constatan) the max upper temp limit for 30ga type K is 1600F- 18 and heavier is 2000

    for protection use a ceramic tube- other metals may affect the alloy in type K as different trace elements diffuse off at higher temperatures

    wikipedia has great info on type K (and thermocouple), but the book to look for super specifics on thermocouple is ASTM e-230

    I work for a thermocouple facility (and actually supply omega!) any questions feel free to ask!

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