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  • OK... If you guys are going to continue to sell this product to us - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get us some accurate data-sheets, sample mounting scenarios, maybe even prototype boards. But I must warn anyone looking at this "Cool Toy" to get and play with - It's IMPOSSIBLE to find a PLCC socket with 24 outer pins. Not to mention there are 24 outer and 20 inner pins (the purpose and numbering of the inner pins (on the bottom) are not documented anywhere. This may be a cheap camera - but it's really not worth the dime they lay it on in the photo above. I wasted money on this and I'm very unhappy with SparkFun.com about it. They usually have cool stuff I can get behind. This camera is TRASH, USELESS and after 10 months I still haven't been able to get a reliable image from it. DON'T BUY THIS!

  • Is there a socket available for this camera? If not, how about some help for a novice on getting this thing mounted? I have soldering skills, just thought it would be easier to find a socket to drop it into (easier to solder too)...