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  • Product COM-10407 | about 2 years ago

    I am a newbie to Arduino programing and am´╗┐ am attempting to run the ledRing demo examples generated by NickVD. I have no problem running the Arduino Example Code from the link on this site but I cannot run the ledRing demo examples. I have downloaded and installed the ledRings folder as recommended by NickVD into my /Arduino/libraries folder. No problem opening the example files but everyone of them gives the same error when compiling. Error message :“ledRings” does not name a type. I am running Arduino 1.0 on a mac, hardware is an Uno. I have even tried moving the ledRings.h and .cpp file into the same folder as the example demo file I am trying to run such that the sketch window shows the demo code and has tabs for the library files. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Help?

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