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  • Product DEV-12749 | last week

    Try looking into the CubieTruck 3 as a base for software/hardware development. I do and it is FAST. It supports Debian Linux Wheezy or Ubuntu which I use with a SATAIII 2TB HDD with A20 ARM Dual-Core. I use it connected to many of the Arduino boards and IDE. $65

  • Custom Page - arduinoday | about 3 weeks ago

    How about the Teensy 3.1??? Would like to see an PCB like above with RTC and a second UART/USB for weather shield and microSD.

  • Product DEV-09313 | about 2 months ago

    I would like a shield that would be connected to an HDMI video/audio input on a TV. This would allow the Galileo board and maybe future Linux-based boards a video/audio platform for gaming and other neat apps to be developed.


  • Product DEV-12720 | about 2 months ago

    A scada programmer here. So, first, do you have one of these boards? Secondly, using IDE can you upload more than one app and run them at the same time? How about interrupts for monitoring sensors, adc, digital i/o can you run them with shared memory pickup data and display it? I do realtime control and data acquisition stuff.

    Thank you for your time. Dennis

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago

    This uses a USB mini or micro plug that I have NOT used before. Can anyone tell me the cable needed from Sparkfun? It has 5-pins male in a mini USB plug??? I am connecting it to the Weather Board above.

    Dennis Thanks fr the help!

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