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  • Are we limited to one entry?

  • Sparkfun warehouses running at full efficiency.

  • I have a project that requires a locked-in key. I have not found a decent and affordable option through any other supplier. Would love to be able to purchase one through Sparkfun.

  • These switches are cheap, and good if you want an quick and easy part, however they keys don't fit snugly, are very small (and easy to lose), and I feel like I am going to break the switch with any have use. The housing does not use a ring mounting piece, but rather a pair of depressed tabs on the sides to connect to a faceplate. These tabs slide easily, so the orientation of the switch in regard to the faceplate changes with use. The terminals are extremely small. I haven't soldered these yet, but I imagine it is not easy.

    Even for hobby/novelty use, I would not recommend these switches.

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