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  • Hi Kamiquasi, Well see it is one battery, but multiple cells. The battery is usually used for R/C applications. It is a LiPo 11.1v 3S (three cells in series). They come standard with connector that breaks out each cell so that each cell can be charged evenly. This is usually called the balance connector. This is a good example:

    Anyway thanks for the advice, haven't been able to find another similar device, but I'm not sure I'm looking in the right places. I mentioned earlier in an earlier post that I'm trying to make a cell phone battery charger that uses the R/C battery to recharge my cell phone. I need a way to protect the LiPo from discharging too much and my plan was to use 3 of these fuel gauges and with an arduino to monitor the battery and turn off when the LiPo got too low. In the R/C world this capability is part of the electronic speed controller (ESC). If there is another easier way, I'd love suggestions.

  • Um, maybe I'm missing something, but can you set the address on these or is it permanently 0110110 (0x36)? If not how do you use more than one on your Arduino?

  • The have a model called the logic16 that can sample 2 channels at 100MHz, 4 channels at 50MHz, 8 channels at 25MHz, or all 16 channels at 12.5MHz.

  • I was just thinking about this. I was looking for a fuel guage for my 3s battery packs. They are for R/C applications but I was thinking of building a DC/DC converter so I could used my R/C batteries to charge my cell phone while I'm playing Ingress. Draining a LiPo too far is really bad for them so I wanted something to monitor the R/C batteries.

    My R/C batteries have what is called a balance connector, which is basically a breakout for each cell so that it can be (re)charged independently. These little guys output I2C, so you need something to make that into people speak. I was thinking that I could connect one of these to each cell via the balance connector and send all the data to an Arduino (actually a teensy) with either some LEDs or a LCD display. This is turning out to be a pretty big project.

  • Did you point out there there are counterfeit spark fun parts around? Did you point out that a criminal might have purchased it another state?

  • This looks like a QC problem the some one's packaging dept. I bought several and was able to mix-and-match to make complete good connectors. The little spring hooks have part numbers 562-1002 and 562-1003. Some packages had one each, some had two of the same. Probably cost more to repackage them.

  • Has anyone got max RPM figures?

  • I was actually thinking of attaching to the spindle motor on a mill to facilitate things like tapping, or on a lathe for constant SFM or C-axis live tooling.

  • In Sacramento R/C Country Hobbies is my hobby store of choice. I get my R/C Plane stuff there. I think that your retail products would go great there!

    Edit also we have Metro Electronics in downtown.

  • Boooo!!! no copters!!!! booo!!!

    You should just require a safety inspection to enter. Pass/fail to enter.

    there are reasonably safe designs!

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