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  • Isn’t the button a little small for a foot pedal? Compare with pedals like or

    I see that some guitar effects pedals do just use a small switch like the one here. Guitar players, how well does that work, compared to the bigger pedals?

  • This board looks like it is over-engineered to me. Using a $5 accelerometer when a 3¢ vibration switch would do seems a little strange (unless you are a company that makes accelerometers).

    I tried designing an analog circuit that would handle more output power and work over a wider output range on a smaller standby power budget:

    I’ve not tried building it, though (too many SMD parts). If anyone tries it, please leave a comment on my blog!

  • If you want really light weight, and don’t mind disposable batteries, you get about the same energy from a #10 zinc-air battery that weighs 0.3g (100mAH at 1.4v).

  • This summary does not explain derating ceramic capacitors, which lose their capacitance with a high DC bias.

    See and

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