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  • What are some recommended batteries (Sparkfun or otherwise) to use with this chassis and the latest T'Rex controller? Also, any suggestions for a simple RC receiver board to use with said configuration just to get some basic functionality up and running?

  • The replacement, at least for the 4D Systems displays/controllers, is the PA5 board....https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11814

    I just ordered one for the new RPi/Arduino display module kits now being offered. According to everything I've read, the PA5 is the recommended USB-to-Serial programming interface.

  • The bottom layout still seems to be bad when extracted from the zip file. The file is really tiny...like 231 BYTES, so it doesn't seem like a valid PDF at all. I'd appreciate it if you could still check in on this, Robert. Thanks!

  • Have you checked out the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) series yet? Amazing SBC with Intel chipsets and great specs in a tiny form factor....though expect to pay for this kind of technology. The ODROID X2 bears some looking into as well, though I don't believe it is Intel-based.

  • Most of the content on the pcDuino.com site consists of....well....broken English....and if you dig into the user guides, you eventually run across some Asian character sets mixed in. So, I may not have an exact answer for you, but it probably gives you a general idea of where this is being sourced.

  • See http://www.pcduino.com/?p=105 for how you can use an Arduino shield with the pcDuino TODAY....before any "official" adapter hardware is released.

  • Check out http://www.pcduino.com/?p=105 where they show an example of hooking up an arduino shield...effectively making their own adapter. A bit of a rats nest, but it works until somebody cobbled together a nice plug-n-play PCB. Also, the pre-flashed OS comes with a number of ready to run samples using the Arduino compatibility layer and the arduino GPIO and other pins. The tutorials on pcDuino.com will run you through accessing them.

  • On the pcDuino.com forum, there is thread they started with next rev feature requests....I think somebody already mentioned SATA access, but you can check anyway and voice more interest...

  • Yes, PRT-10359 is the correct cable. I am not entirely certain why Sparkfun included 2 different 4-wire JST connector cables in their "Selected by our staff" related items section, but it does cause some confusion. I forgot to originally order the cable with my fingerprint scanners and ended up having to order (separately) both kinds to ensure at least one would be the correct form factor. So, PRT-09916 (rainbow wires) is NOT the correct connection lead....PRT-10359 (black and white wires) IS the one you want for this application.

  • Sparkfun should take notice that the top 3 "customer's also purchased" items at the bottom of the Electric Imp product page are SD sockets, breakouts, or sniffers. None of these will work with the EI. While this was clearly pointed out in the 9-14-2012 product showcase video and is sort of mentioned at the beginning of the item description, this should probably be clarified in bold in no uncertain terms.

    You need either an EI-specific breakout module or an EI-specific shield in order to make this function. It contains a particular chip that gives each node a unique ID on the network. Again, this looks and feels like an SD card, but will NOT function if you plug it into a normal SD slot...

    The video DOES mention that the breakouts and shields are in the prototype stage at Sparkfun and will be available soon. I guess the point in the meantime is to snap up the Imps while they're available and start exploring the development infrastructure available. While it would be ideal if all components had been released simultaneously, my concern now would be a lack of availability of the "cards" when the associated hardware DOES get released.

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