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  • The "Serial LCD Kit - retail" (same kit, different packaging), has a quite good tutorial by Jimbo. Strange there's no link to there from this page, Serial LCD Kit Landing Page http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/289

  • It works ! The 10uF eletrolytic works like a charm. You have to set the output volume a bit higher then the standard 20 (Mp3SetVolume(20,20) in example code) this works well for a headphone but is too low for amplifier input. My setup works best on Mp3SetVolume(2,2), but the mp3 volume (normalization) level could be of influence as well. So with a few components 2 caps and 4 resistors (and figure 8 of the vs10XXan_output.pdf) you can build a adequate lineout with no worry's of burning out your mp3 shield.

    Thanks again Mike.

  • Thanks for the help!!!

  • Thanks! Only one small question (again), the 10uF caps in fig 7 are electrolytic only the symbol in fig 8 is for a ceramic type. Could i use both types? (asuring the polarity is right on a electrolytic type)?

  • Thanks for the reply, this is a helpfull answer. You don't happen to know the values of the capacitors C1 and C2 because there are no values given in the schematics of figure 8 (if that's the circuit you refering to).

  • Too bad nobody is responding (sparkfun?), it would be so much easier if the people at sparkfun would provide us with a simple solution for this because the "line out document" does not provide one but three(?) solutions (wich one should i use?). Maybe for a next revision of this board you could replace the speaker out with a line out (protected).

  • Is the extra ESD protection really necessary? I can see in the schematics that the standard (reference) ESD protection is incorporated in the shield, the extra protection is left out (?). This standard setup is labtested up to 8KV, what kind of amplifier gives this kind of discharge?

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