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  • One suggestion I have is to bring pins 4/5 on the “RJ45” (don’t get me started about incorrect use of RJ nomenclature) out to JP12, and put ground pads adjacent to them. That way you can easily use the third pair for other things if you don’t need the ground, or jumper across if you do. Maybe add pads for the shield of a shielded “RJ45” while you are at it. The same comment would apply to BOB-10124.

  • Google Digispark.. currently on Kickstarter (until 9/9/12)

    ATtiny85 w/arduino bootloader, 500ma voltage reg, and usb plug, on a quarter sized board (0.69x0.75(17.5x19mm)-usb) I don’t see a crystal, so I assume they are using the internal clock. Some shields are also available.

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