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  • Thanks for reply, Yopster!

    Might have reprogrammed the i2c address…I will check on that (at work right now…shh!). I have checked connections more than times than i can count, LOL. I am using the (+/-/SDA/SCL)connections on one end of the board. I used a meter to make sure board was powered up and I also can get 0000 showing by touching Rx pad. I used an analog oscilloscope to monitor SDA/SCL above and below. I can actually see the SDA blurting out the address 01110001 over and over, but no other data, it doesn’t seem to be in proper phase with the clock. Does the Chip need a proper ACK before it will send other data? I would think so. OSC is very old and surely out of calibration. I also have a Nano digital osc but it only reads one channel, so phase comparison is not possible.

    I will look into the I2C address and see what I need to do to reset it.

    Update- Tried resetting the I2C address..still no love. I tried a range of setfreq settings in combinations with i2cslow/i2cfast (sent my serial 2x16 LCD off to wild places!). I am beginning to think I got either a bad part, or I need to get an I2C book and learn the protocol so that I could teach it.

    Signed, “ready to throw in the towel”.

  • Have been struggling with this unit and a PICAXE 08M2 chip for a while now… pretty frustrated. Have 4.7K pull-ups on SCL and SDA lines, Vcc= +5V. Here is my code to test I2C interface:

    ; PICAXE 08M2 / Sparkfun COM-11443 4 digit 7 segment display ; I2C Test

    symbol Digit0 = b8 symbol Digit1 = b9

    symbol slvAddr = 0xE2


    PAUSE 1000
    hi2csetup i2cmaster,slvAddr,i2cslow,i2cbyte     'Initialize I2C-7SEG
    pause 1000

    NXT: high 4 pause 250 hi2cout (Digit0,Digit1,“0”,“X”) low 4 pause 250 hi2cout (Digit1,Digit0,“X”,“0”) GOTO NXT


    The LED blinks nicely off pin 4, but the serial display remains dark and mysterious. Anyone have more of a clue than me?

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