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  • It's really awesome that you guys do a free day and it's appreciated!

    My only criticism is that (ab)using Captchas in the manner you did was very distasteful. I only beat my head against that wall for five minutes before I realized that spending $100 was less painful to me than sticking it out in the Captcha gauntlet for some random particle to come to my rescue. It's almost like placing a gift certificate in a row of 50 clogged toilets and no gloves provided.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and products and hopefully in the future someone will come up with a more creative and tolerable idea. May I suggest whack-a-mole combined with particle detection?... Surely that can be done in HTML5. As for the folks running lynx and other text browsers, ...well., this isn't a BBS so what do you really expect?!

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