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  • And for my next trick, using only this PCB and a little bit of code... Shazam! Your shirts are now all tie dye!

  • My dad was a sixth grade science teacher and his way of introducing circuits to kids was to have them use a rope and pulleys. For explaining how charge flows and how electrical energy works use pulleys and rope, with the rope ends just held in a loop together with tape or something. This shows how the electric charges in a metal can be forced to flow in a circle. You can also use the pulleys to demonstrate generators and motors depending on how you drive them i.e. with your hand or with the rope. You can demonstrate an open circuit by disconnecting the ends or illustrate an electric heater or resistor by letting the moving rope rub against your fingers so your fingers get hot. Or, to illustrate Alternating Current, turn one wheel back and forth to show the current changing directions.

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