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  • Now I am connected via Debug Wire to the target. The original code is SO MUCH different from the code I compiled with WinAVR, that I a m totally puzzled. Can anyone explain these differences between the original code in the target after production and the code I get when recompiling the provided firmware with the provided makefile using WinAVR??

  • The HEX file I generated with WinAVR by make clean, make commands for the Nordic-FOB firmware v11 under Windows 7 are not executing on my Nordic FOB. I can read and reprogram and verify the flashed program, but my receiver is not receiving anything at key press. When I read the program from my other FOB, the hex file looks quite different from what I see in the make generated hex file. However, using the hex file I read from the other production-new FOB and writing it into my experimental FOB makes it work again => my flashing tools work, but the make process or the software provided does not match my FOB hardware. I received my FOB in January 2012. Any help out there?

  • Flashing of new Firmware didn't work for me with the default settings from JTAG2ICE mkII or the DIAMEX-AVR programmers I have. Neither with avrdude on windows, Linux or Mac; I did also check on Windows 7 with AVR Studio 4.18; What didn't work? All programmers read inconsistent data for the device signature, fuses, memory in general; Then I tried with 115.2 kHz instead of 460.8 kHz for the "ISP Frequency" in AVR Studio 4.18; Now I can read and write, verify the device with my cheap DIAMEX-AVR without any problem ;-)

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