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  • 10mW output is not a load power, but a lot of it can depend on your antenna. If you use the crappy ducky antennas, you won’t go very far… but get yourself a whip antenna made from a piece of wire, and a couple of ground radials, or even a yagi style beam, and you’ve gained LOADS of distance. Depends on your use what kind of radiation pattern you want.

  • It’s all in the antenna. Google “DIY ground plane antenna”. I’ve built a few of them and although they have no gain, the go miles farther than a whip.

  • If I am correct, and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe in the United States one must first acquire an amateur radio license of any class to transmit in the 70cm band (420-450MHz).

  • I know others have said this, but a hex buffer or MOSFET level shifting on board would make interfacing with 5V systems a breeze. Thanks, y'all haven’t let us down yet.

  • Datasheet perhaps:

  • would both the 2x3 and 2x5 shrouded headers fit on the same board? If not I may just use the 2x3…


  • Would the DS3234 work on the SMD side of this board?

  • Using this kit for parts on my perf board, and had a question about the schematic:

    Is one side of the voltage select switch disconnected from everything?

  • is this compatible with the 2.4GHz duck antenna? (rp-sma / large)

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