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  • I had the same problem as BenF - I desoldered the Z axis filter components and shorted pins 9 and 10, which is the recommended configuration (per datasheet) when omitting the HP/LP filters; this got rid of the long negative overshoot. The 4X output settles at Vref + 0.03V when at rest now, though, whereas before it would eventually settle right on Vref.

  • edit never mind, this is a dev board, not a programmer - face palm

    Newb question… I have a small handful of ATtiny13’s that I’d like to play with; I’ve never programmed an AVR before (except for BasicX-24’s a few years ago, different environment.)

    If I download WinAVR and get this board (I have a serial cable already) is that all I need to program these chips?

    FWIW, I already have a breadboard & the components for the project I have in mind.

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