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  • Pete - I did something like this in high school for my acoustic guitar using one of those piezo elements that Radio shack sold, you know when they used to sell components. Anyways the sound was similar to want you showed at the end of the video. The biggest thing I found was that the frequency response range was just not right. The low E starts at around 82Hz, while the transducers range starts at 300Hz. I don't think that you'll get the rich sounds that you're looking for with this transducer.

  • I'd like to point this out to everyone who is saying we are "complaining about free stuff." Technically you're not getting free stuff if you don't win. I tried the entire time and got nothing. Plus I don't think that any of us are complaining about the $100, just the method in which it was distributed. I love Sparkfun, they have really helped me out in my job. Keep up the good work. Next year try something completely different from the previous years for free day. And remember you're only going to make 2000 people happy. Just try to make it a different 1999 + me next year.

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