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  • I followed the instructions here to get the cell module working with a UNO and was getting

    +SIND: 1<br> +SIND: 10,‘SM’,1,‘FD’,1,‘LD’,1,‘MC’,1,‘RC’,1,‘ME’,1<br> +SIND: 3<br> +SIND: 4<br> +SIND: 8<br> The antenna I used was a Quad-band Wired Cellular Antenna SMA and began to wonder if something was wrong with it. The shield and UNO was powered via USB. I eventually figured out that the band setting for the US was not set correctly on the module. I did that by using ZedLeps code modification, uploading the sketch to the board, and then entering AT+SBAND=7 in the arduino serial monitor. This did the trick. I also had to hit the reset button on the UNO using a piece of plastic to reach under the shield once I made the change. This time around, success! Got +SIND: 11. eventually managed to send text messages and receive a call. Hope this helps someone with this particular problem. The SIM is a post-paid T-Mobile (thankfully unlimited text :)) that was being used on my blackberry. Thanks to all of you for blogging about your knowledge. I would not have figured it out otherwise. Pictures available here.

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