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  • Using the stick with the stellaris launchpad. The only issues that I saw from adapting the AHRS/Head-tracker tutorial and code is that the values don't rollover when receiving from the stick, and the gyro gives crazy values throwing the whole thing out of whack. When sending the raw values to a python script and applying a kalman filter the crazy values went away, but there is still some jitter (just using the head-tracker if I got a bad value I skipped the euler angles and reset the sensor fusion, but if anyone took the time there is a better fix). This is a great product for the price!

  • Ok. I also have two of the sparkfun pro mini's and I will see if the error is consistent. Howerver, I have flashed the chip with the arduino Uno optiboot bootloader, and successfully loaded the program. That seems to be working fine. As for the second issue i was mishandling the information from the serial line. I had combined this tutorial with the tutorial at

    but instead of communicating with another electric imp I am pushing the data to xively and wanted to see it in the log. I was concatenating the bytes and pushing them directly to the log, but what I wanted was "message += c.tochar();" and this gave me what I wanted.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • I bought some of the cheap arduino pro mini's off of ebay, and I reloaded the bootloader. When I use the pro mini boot loader the electric imp is not able to communicate with the arduino, but when I load the arduino mini boot loader I have communication and can upload a sketch. The sketch runs, but with only some functionality (I am assuming because of the boot loader). I have programmed the arduino pro mini with the pro mini bootloader via usb and monitered it through the serial port monitor and it works fine, and I am certain that my circuit with the electric imp is good because I have communication when I use the mini boot loader. Can anyone help with this issue?

    Here is the error code:

    2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] Sending: 0x41 0x81 0x20 (3 bytes) 2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] Received: null 2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] ERROR: assertion failed 2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] ERROR: at execute:227 2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] ERROR: from check_duino:247 2014-06-12 23:56:01 UTC-4 [Device] ERROR: from unknown:297

    But I also am getting this :

    2014-06-12 23:57:04 UTC-4 [Device] 56574652505852484654485848464952584846504958484651541310

    from the program that I am running which should look like :


  • Do you know when these will be back in stock? Also I looked at the manufactures web site and could not find this part, however, they had a very similar part but pin 3 and CD looked to have been switched. Is that something that will show up here or will you be able to get the same part restocked?

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