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  • OK kids, you were right and I was wrong again. The PWM pins CAN modulate audio. I am already wearing the cape of shame, do I really have to shave half my beard this time?

  • The Sparkfun employee game of charades was frustrating. The secret phrase was thirty two thousand bites, but the guesses were all about chocolate chips. Will and Ted believed everyone would know the program memory size of the ATMEGA328. The effort required to consume the large amount of chocolate was equally obvious. Frustrating.

  • Sparkfun's deep penetrating follicle solder is the only permanent cure for premature hair loss. Easy and nearly painless to apply. Side effects may include headaches while operating a microwave oven, and hallucinations if hair is combed in low humidity conditions. Consult a physician if hair ignites while receiving a TSA x-ray scan.

  • In addition to tweets, the upgraded interfaces include USBeak and WhyFly.

  • Another reason for Open Source. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights provide protection by denying anyone else the right to infringe. They are both good and bad. They protect the sometimes large investment a company makes in R&D by allowing the company to realize a profit over time. That is the good part. The bad part is they stifle innovation and keep prices high. Whenever the market is distorted, there will be winners and losers, but in the long run we need this type of regulation. However, I think Fluke made a mistake in this trademark and it has cost Sparkfun and their customers a chunk of money. The solution is to overhaul the intellectual property laws, but that won't happen overnight.

    Remember, "If it works, its a Fluke"

  • I already wrote "I will not throw spit wads in staff meetings" 100 times, now I need to look up how to spell DUNCE.

  • Reading the circuit diagram correction notes a second time, Bob realized it said "mark should show cap", not "Marge Simpson shower cap".

  • We can't present at the venture capital meeting while wearing the same shirt. We need to somehow demonstrate some individuality.

  • Accuracy can be thought of as how repeatable is each pulse. Consider the mythical monopole magnet and detect only the rising edge. If you label that as 0 degrees, will it always be 0 degrees, or will the reading wander from 359 to 1 degree? Will it wander from 350 to 10 degrees? How will RPM affect accuracy? I think it would be fun to build a car distributer that will use a knock sensor to advance timing for max engine efficiency under all conditions for a vintage engine. Part of that project would be to know where the crankshaft rotation is to less than a degree. I don't have to measure each degree, I can interpolate if the readings have accurate repeatability.

  • These are trying times for many people. A little kindness goes a long way. I am not a government employee, but I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks!

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