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  • OK. Found the problem. The TTL signals coming from the chip are inverted relative to my PC.

  • inmcm's test program works fine. I only have problems wiring up to a UART on the PC. I've tried multiple PCs, cables, and terminal emulators. STUMPED!!!

  • I'm trying to get this board working with the transparent terminal sketch

    I've fixed the ocillator issue in the code 0x50->0c60 and I've tried with two boards -- one with the IRQ jumper and one without. In either case, the data gets garbled in transmission. There is a pattern to it. For example for an input of '1' I get 'g', 3->f, 5->e, 7->d, 9->c, a->O, c->N. I haven't found the pattern for even input values.

    Anyone have ideas/suggestions?