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Mathew Pottinger

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  • Datasheet is out of date - Product Specification 3.1 can be found here:


  • See comment below.

  • Usually the voltage used for the LilyPad system is 5V (because both the LilyPad LiPower and LilyPad Power Supply output 5V) - therefore, with the resistor still in place, this LilyPad accelerometer has been designed to accept 5V.
    If you want to use an input voltage of 3V, you can simply remove the resistor and solder a bridge between the pads.
    Note: If you are using the conductive wire to connect this to a power supply, be wary that the thread itself has resistance - so will need to take this into account when selecting an input voltage (due to the voltage drop across the conductive thread).

  • Hi Djibi,
    I used to be concerned with soldering these pads also, but now I don't bother as the RN-41 works acceptably without connecting those three pads.

  • There is a 'config timer' on these Bluetooth modules. Usually it is set at, say, 60. This means that there is a window of opportunity at which to send the $$$ command of 60 seconds from power-up/reset. After this time the unit ignores the $$$ command.
    Turn off the device (remove power), then turn it on, and quickly send the $$$ command (i.e. within, say, 30 seconds). If successful, you should see 'CMD'.
    From here you can increase the 'config timer' value if required.
    Alternatively, if this doesn't work - reset the device to factory default - this will reset the config timer to a suitable length of time (~60).

  • Put me down for 5...

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