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  • Also, I got this ArduinoOBD library to work: https://github.com/stanleyhuangyc/ArduinoOBD/tree/master/libraries/OBD – it would fail to init, which was tracked down to the 1st PID query taking an unusually long time (3-4 seconds) and timing out. Just put another query in the initcmds[] like: const char *initcmd[] = {“ATZ\r”,“ATE0\r”,“ATL1\r”,“0101\r”}; and that’ll prime the device for the less patient verify query later that was failing.

  • Had an issue with the 3 year old Arduino example - appears Arduino changed serial behavior so that Serial.flush() no longer clears all the junk out of the input buffer so you have to make a function to empty it out before issuing a command.

    Replace Serial.flush() with something like this: // clear the input buffer void serialFlush(){ while(Serial1.available() > 0) { char t = Serial1.read(); } }

  • Couldn’t you just use the TCPWM in quadrature decoder mode?

  • Looking at the Z0103MN datasheet, this should be able to handle strings of led christmas lights at 115v 60hz. Anybody else tried that? I’ll experiment with an isolation transformer and report back.

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