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  • Sparkfun entirely misunderstands the concept of vertical integration.

  • Interns are apparently just as comfortable as Aeron chairs and much much cheaper.

  • Multi-level marketing I've heard of but multi-level engineering?

  • Wait, it's a 're-purposed' open source hardware item that requires a service to use? Or am I misunderstanding it (ie, not OSHW or doesn't require the service to use)? If that's true isn't it similar to what Tivo did - use OS software, release the source but don't let anyone actually USE it because it requires a key they're not giving out to modify the only platform it will run on? I realize that OSHW may not actually exclude this (like GPLv2 didn't) but this whole thing just feels slimy to me.

  • It looks to me as if the thermal design is nearly identical to the suggested design in the datasheet. If anyone is disingenuous it's Luxeon.

  • An ICSP header would be more than welcome. Also, the LEDs are definitely unnecessarily bright. I use the 5V and GND buses so definitely keep those. It might be nice to create extra through-hole connections to the headers - just one extra hole each might be nice.

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