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  • In Finland, this thing doesnt recessary need the firmware update to "European channels", works right out from box. If Radio sounds unclear or sound quality is bad, or station "changes" when you walk past or touch the antenna,remember to CHECK your battery and replace if necessary.

  • I would make my old Donald Duck stuffed animal from 1994 talk/play songs, and give it to my kids someday in future... :)

  • At my school we had same like these at 230VAC (Xytronic 850D ) ones and they had habit of burninc Triacs that drive the Vaccuum pump. Those units came installed on TEKLAB workshop solutions. These are easy to repair almoust every time. The transformer was something like 240VAC--30VAC if i remember right... I think the internal transformer wouldnt be much to change to 230VAC version, but i think ill pass this device and by Xytronic one.

  • Here is the manufacturer of CSN series printer, cashinotech. They too make the larger A5 that ive been happy with :) Cashinotech. They dont sell directly to end customers.

    OH and reminder: Datasheet states that the 12V is optional, and these printers that Sparkfun and competitors sell, dont have that option.

  • would buy but postal 44€, easier to go fleamarkets... :/

  • "And this is how sparkfun treats their employees in summer vacations"

  • This would be nice for robotics :/ sorry to hear its retired :(