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  • I have been trying to figure out if it's being superseded by a new version or if Sparkfun just didn't see the demand for them. So far it just seems like Sparkfun just didn't see the demand for them which is definitely a bummer. I had just used the 40x2 for the first time to address and read data from gameboy carts. It made it so insanely easy with it being in basic and all the simple ways to manipulate bytes and bits. It's just a great universal chip that's easy to use.

  • Whaaat? Why are these retired now?? That's dissapointing, I had planned on buying some extras for various projects but didn't have the cash at the time. Oh well, 40x1 it is. For the time being anyway.

  • The instructions were too complicated, he got stuck on the parts list.

  • put DOS on it.

  • i know people are sometimes interested when others share what they got so I will go ahead and do so: 3 SD sniffer boards 45 Nintendo DS Touch Screen Connector Breakout boards im not really sure what can be done with these but im thinking one of the SD Sniffer boards will make a neat flashlight keychain or something.

  • Can somebody please please please, explain how to get started with this chip. like what do I need to program it, what software do I use to program it, and maybe a link to a tutorial on how to write code for it. I would appreciate this very much and i'm sure a few others would as well because these unanswered questions are the only reason why I haven't bought any of these.

  • How well will this work on my weed whacker?

  • I was a bit naive when I bought this and didn't realize it wasn't hot enough for unleaded solder work and now I can't do anything with it because I really don't like the use of lead but otherwise its a great iron so if you use leaded solder and need a cheap iron then get this one. Also I think it might be a good idea to put a note that it does not do unleaded. So I think I'm going to check out the cheap soldering station.

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