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  • Still waiting on my KS order.......what gives?

  • After the amazing success of the NERFCS, Sparkfun is embarking on a bold new project to provide unprecedented customer tech support, right to your front door! Once we finish modifying out crack team of engineers with the latest tech, we will begin test flights.

  • SAW!......

    You're doing it wrong.......

  • mini 6? SOT-457? EMD2/EMT6, UMD2N/UMT6/SC-88, IMD2A/SMT6/SC-74? confused yet? Let me clear this up, Sparkfun says mini 6 or similar to SOT-457, the linked data sheet clearly states that a a UMD2N/UMT6/SC-88 is also the same foot print, and therefore pin out of the mini6, oh wait, no it doesn't.

    mini6 or SOT-457 appear nowhere on the datasheet, but that's ok because the pin out is the same for all three sized devices..... oh wait, no its not.

    But that's ok because i can just look at the schematic of the RS232 shifter board and figure out what pin out this device actually is..... oh wait, no i can't. the schematic has thoughtfully omitted the pin numbers. ( Seriously?! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!)

    So your selling a handy little device, with one of three footprints with two possible pin configurations, that you use in a product you sell, and provide two example footprints that aren't even mentioned on the datasheet you link to, and provide an example circuit that does nothing to clear this up.......

    So, as Dave would say,..."FAIL!"

    seriously, you guys order, stock, and use this thing, would it kill you to reference the datasheet for the package size? would it be too much trouble to include pin numbers on a schematic with a whopping total of 1, count 'em 1 IC?

    I know I'm ranting here but it shouldn't be a stretch to assume that someone who is buying this is also designing a circuit board for using it, and its incredibly frustrating to not be 100% sure about one little footprint, especially when all you would have to do is put forth just a small effort to clear up the matter.

  • Thanks! that was quick, looks like the others are on the way.

  • Seems to be a trend here, I also only received 1 unit, Sending them an e-mail......

  • Very thoughtful and generous gesture SP. I admire that.

    That said, I have to agree with those who would wish for less liberal/progressive subtext & innuendo on this site. While I fully realize that I am a minority on this particular web outlet, there are indeed many of us who feel the government has grown far too large (and corrupt), is far to intrusive, and is taxing us to death. The fact that it is shut down (ahem, sorry its like 83% still open, that's like saying the whole mall is "shut down" if the starbucks runs out of coffee, but i digress) is not the end of the world, and the fact that people think it is should give pause. Yes, I do feel bad people are without work, but they will get paid once the fat bloated pig that is the federal government quits throwing a temper tantrum. Yea, its a real pain for some, but to me this is more proof that the uncle oink-y has grown too big. And no, thank you I don't want your utopian health care system that was supposed to save me $2500 a year and keep my Dr, ( no, actually it wont, it will cost me an extra $5000 a year and my Dr. quit because of it) but I don't want the government using healthcare, that they now provide, as a tool to scare me into voting one way or another. Hello, social security? food stamps? WIC? Medicare? "if you don't vote for me those evil (fill in the blank for what ever party you hate here) are going to take all that away!" Nothing is free people, and when government steps in and says it will be, there are always strings attached, NOTHING is free. I know, I know, i ranted a bit there, I'm a troll, I'm stupid, I must be one of those fanatics.....

  • c32652, well said. I wasn,t going to bring up the fact that the polar caps on mars are mirroring our own (poor martian polar bears :-( . As facts like these seem to be meaningless in climate change conversations. I guess you also remember the overpopulation crisis as well :-) . We seem to be doing pretty good considering 15 years ago we all either starved to death or were killed in world wars brought about by anarchy and global food shortages . Some of the current generation might actually remember the the planes falling out of the sky, nuclear reactor meltdown, zombie apocalypse that was going to happen on "Y2K".

  • wasn't going for a war of any kind, just injecting a little humor to illistrate a different take on the whole global ice age.. wait, that was a certain inevitabillity when i was in grade school 30 years ago (polar bears were dying off by the thousande back then too, and we should all be under ice right now), I meant global cooling,... wait that was like 10 years ago, i meant global warming,..... no wait, that is so 5 years ago, climate change (yea that's it!) thing . But I guess I already knew that when it comes to manbearpig there can be no differing oppinions.

  • One of these days some forward thinking progressive genius will discover that the earth, is in fact, partly made up of carbon. They will be astonished to learn that we, and most life on this partly carbon rock, are carbon based life forms. They might even discover that trees and other such green plants actually breath the stuff. They then will try to figure out how much of the earth is actually made of the vile, detested carbon, and when they figure out the "carbon footprint" of carbon, if their heads dont just explode from the shock of it all, they will conclude that the earth will infact be completelly destroyed from spontanious earthly combustion in exactly two days before the day after tomorrow. All life as we know it will be obitorated, and yet the carbon will remain. Life will start anew, and natural selection will cause it to evolve over billions of years into the supreme creature known as manbearpig, who will study the earth around him and come to the conclution that there is O2 on the earth, and if there is a .000002% increase in the amount of this nasty 02 stuff in the air the world will freeze over. So get a head start guys and gals, I'm selling O2 credits for a mere $10.00 a share, lets overt the comming ice age.

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