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  • Same complaint here that I have with the RaspPi.

    It just needs one native SATA port, then I'd be happy.

  • I'm sorry you have problems with basic electronics concepts, but there is no need to be rude. You might want to think about picking up an oscilloscope, and some books.

  • No, sorry, but back EMF has nothing to do with this. EMF is only produced in a continuously varying magnetic field, such as in a motor. A relay only produces emf at the moment the coils open, or closes. The relay in question only opens, or closes, once or twice over the course of an hour and also on it's own breakout board with it'd own coil driver circuit.

    No, the culprit here is that the relay driver draws to much current from the regulated supply on board the arduino and it's causing the 5v rail to drop enough skew the results. Once I had the relay board take it supply voltage directly from the walwart, and not through the arduino the problem went away.

  • I've got one of these on my arduino inventors kit board in my refrigerator. The arduino is also hooked up to a relay control board and I have the arduino programmed to act as a thermostat and control the compressor. When ever the relay is turned on the temperature reading jumps up about 3.5F

    I've got the arduino plugged into a 110v wall wart for power, so there ought to be plenty of current to prevent brown outs, but something is still skewing the reading pretty wildly.

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