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  • Worked nicely for my balancing robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHb9eYAyGJc

  • The higher the feedback loop rate, the higher the noise sensed by your IMU. The loop rate should only be high enough to achieve control. Backlash can be a problem too. I use stepper motors with Sparkfun's LSM6DS3 breakout. Loop rate is 100hz. Results not too bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHb9eYAyGJc

  • I hooked up the MPU-9250 SPI pins to a Teensy 3.2, but the WHO-AM-I register is incorrectly returning zero. Does the breakout board need any special treatment, like desoldering one of the jumpers or anything else?

    I prefer SPI because my robot needs a 3 foot CAT-5 cable to the IMU and SPI is less susceptible to noise and it's way faster than I2C. I've done SPI for the LSM6DS3 IMU, but now I need magnetometers too.

  • I am interested in the Acadia, however the specs do not fully describe the ADC pins. What is the ADC resolution? Hopefully, at least as much as the Arduino Due and Beagleboard Black, which feature 12 bit ADC.

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