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    this gets sent in groups of 9/11/10 octets as
    c2 bd 0d 01 a8 69 29 30 af
    b3 c5 16 c3 3c 4f 28 56 1c 29 0b
    8f fd 77 71 20 aa 1b a0 e2 ec
    the first three nibbles are different so i've been thinking this was used to 'encode' something since the remaining #s dont seem to be monotonic up/down like a timer would be.
    When I looked into this a while back, I was under the assumption that 'c2 bd' was actually the address field value in order for the nRF2401A to send the receiver. If you look at the spec sheet, the address field is automatically removed when the device is in ShockBurst mode (which I also found out to be the case). This would explain why it doesn't appear on the receiver side.

  • Did you ever get around to uncovering the foot pod transceiver configuration? :)

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