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  • I purchased this kit with my Free Day money. I received the package yesterday and put it together in 2 hours. I made a couple of mistakes, spent another 30 min troubleshooting and it is working fine. The mistakes were minor. The MFT jumper should only go on pins 1 and 2, pin 3 is ground and you will get no signal. The second mistake was I installed the header pins for the LCD upside down ( long pins towards the panel is wrong ), I fixed it by putting a plastic spacer under the panel. The scope works fine, the FFT function is great.
    It is a little tricky soldering the small pins for the sliders, use liquid flux. The board model was the most recent, the firmware is 2 REVs old. No major changes but I will update it this weekend using the bus pirate I also bought. Update: After figuring out how to use the bus pirate I discovered that the oscilloscope had the latest firmware. So it was shipped with the latest rev board with the latest firmware.

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