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  • I've found the new layout frustrating. Searching datasheet no longer will locate it. On a monitor with tons of real estate I have to go back and click back and forth between tabs now to get all the info I am looking at. On mobile it is even more back and forth.

    It feels like the specs and documentation are not hidden on most products.

  • The FIRST group I mentor just got two of them in and had them up and running pretty quick on the i2c.

    Only note I have is at ranges < 30 cm the measurements seem a bit erratic.

    But other than that very nice little ranger finder for any distance further out at a great price.

    Correction, my group got the 60m ones but I am assuming the 40m are about the same.

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  • Upon seeing how crowded the New World has become, the vikings have decided it is time to set sail to the moon...