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  • What's wrong with the patent system? Amazon being able to patent 1-click checkout. What's right with the patent system? Apple should be able to patent the in-total design of the iphone.

    Reasonable time to hold a patent: I doubt one year of patent for innovation like the iPhone is justified. It is just too small a timeframe. Why? Because it takes time for people to realize the true value of new innovation. I think 7 years is ideal - it also ties with the roughly 7-year business cycle.

  • Why can't politicians just get along? Why can't football fans just get along? Why can't neighbors just get along? Why can't coworkers just get along? Why can't extended family just get along? Why can't family just get along?

    See a pattern? There is a known root cause and a solution. Let him who has ears, hear.

  • I've noticed quite a few prominent tech sites write on this issue in the last few days. Coincidence? I think not. I would urge you to reflect on the elitist nature of such commentary, especially after a bitter election full of mud-slinging from both sides has left a country divided, where you get to select what topic to write about and cloak it in "customer, supplier and distributor" concern while maintaining editorial control over comments posted as outlined in your "comment guidelines" link. I'm not disputing your right to do as you please with your website, just the optics of it in the larger context.

  • I think you are confusing petitioning against a law (and lawful opposition) with disrespecting a law. Laws are never meant as an object of respect but obedience. Petitioning against the law can be lawful or unlawful (as evidenced by the violent protests during the inauguration).

  • Ahem, any options for the SMD impaired?

  • Can anyone tell me how much the switch in the bottom protrudes? In other words, what is the minimum height of an enclosure for this?

  • For the most part, smart-home has come to mean - a remote controlled bulb, fan, appliance, toaster, fridge, thermostat, etc. - some internet connect gadget that provides data (pictures, weather, news)

    I question if these things really make the home "smart." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the maintenance headache that the smart-home entails for the minuscule added benefit. And some of the offerings make me cringe. Ok, so I can take out my phone, open up an app, connect to my bluetooth light and adjust it. No thanks.

    Here is what real progress would be:

    • a 10 fold decrease in the cost to remodel your house

    • why do we still have neanderthal ways of painting a wall? I still have to use masking tape and rollers and painstakingly apply paint. Why can't this process be as easy as applying digital paint on a screen?

    • ways to harness the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter to modulate the other.

  • I just noticed that there is no way to attach these. What a shame that they don't have screw holes.

  • "The Dumpster Dive is a gamble"

    So are you then following all the laws of a legal gambling organization? lol

  • I for one am not looking forward to home automation. Imagine the nightmare of firmware upgrades, software bugs, protocol incompatibilties, forced upgrade cycles and security breaches.

    Hey Bob, why are you in the dark? Err I was trying to upgrade the firmware on my home hub and it failed and I can't turn on any bulbs now. How are you lights controlled? Oh! I have this cool thing called a switch. Just flip it with your finger. Bob, I may have to get one of those.