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  • I just noticed that there is no way to attach these. What a shame that they don’t have screw holes.

  • “The Dumpster Dive is a gamble”

    So are you then following all the laws of a legal gambling organization? lol

  • I for one am not looking forward to home automation. Imagine the nightmare of firmware upgrades, software bugs, protocol incompatibilties, forced upgrade cycles and security breaches.

    Hey Bob, why are you in the dark? Err I was trying to upgrade the firmware on my home hub and it failed and I can’t turn on any bulbs now. How are you lights controlled? Oh! I have this cool thing called a switch. Just flip it with your finger. Bob, I may have to get one of those.

  • I have to ask - why do you need those who have placed multiple orders in the past to still verify email addresses? It would have been a touch of class to allow users who have placed orders to be “pre-verified.”

  • Just like Sparkfun is a business first, not a non-profit.

  • We as a society have lost an understanding of freedom. Whether it is this issue or the vaccine issue and other issues. We are becoming slaves of a large institution and we don’t even realize it.

  • Considering that even a half-decent actobotics stair-climbing robot will cost > $500, this is a raw deal. But a clever way to increase the sales of expensive components!

  • Anyone know if Edison supports Rust?

  • The carriers are not going to innovate if they are “forced” by the government to remain neutral. My point is simply that current regulatory hurdles prevent new companies from entering the space as much as capital costs.

  • The real issue is with government regulations that makes it difficult for new players to enter the market (do any of you know the amount of onerous data reporting Verizon has to do every month to comply with regulations?). If incumbents are dominating the market, the government already has anti-trust capabilities. Giving the FCC or any other agency new powers is never a good idea. Ultimately it is this kind of power that creates lobbyists and corruption. So SparkFun, be careful what you wish for.